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Check out some of the tools and apps I've developed in my spare time.

AFIT QuickConnect

Allows students at AFIT to automatically connect to the internet using the campus' public Wi-Fi without having to re-accept the terms of agreement.


Chrome extension that finds values in BTC in the browsed content and displays its value in USD currency right next to the BTC value.


A simple and minimalist Domino score keeping app for Android. Select the type of game, number of players and simply enter the scores at the end of each hand.


In development...

#ashdash is a mobile dashboard for keeping tabs on your crypto miners. It allows users to add miners, pools, and coin tickers to track mining performance (hashrates, temperatures, fan speeds), pool statistics and earnings, and current prices of  popular cryptocurrencies. Currently it supports xmr-stak, Claymore, and CastXMR miners and Nicehash, Nanopool, and Ethermine pools.

A short message...

I use this space to share with the world bits and pieces of what I do and am passionate about. Most of the projects and writings included in this website are relatively small and are aimed at solving problems or improving processes that I encounter at either work or home. Many of them will remain at a proof-of-concept stage due a number of reasons. If the code is available, feel free to fork and reuse. I invite you to use any of the products discussed in this site and provide some feedback to improve them or make recommendations of alternatives.


Where's my code?

Check out my incomplete repository at Github! I've been telling myself that I would cleanup my code before sharing but it's been looking like I won't get to that anytime soon so I rather share some of it in its current state. Enjoy!